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  • Day Cream with Pure Royal Jelly (50ml)

  • Eye Serum Puffiness & Dark Circles With Sapphire, Tripeptides, Aloe & Two Type Hyaluronic Acid (15ml)

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Day Cream with Pure Royal Jelly

* Moisturizes and brightens the skin

* Prevents loss of natural skin moisture

* Maintains the elasticity of the skin

* Protects against the effects of free radicals

* Prevents the appearance of discoloration and fine lines

Its natural ingredients, rich in vitamins and minerals, rejuvenate the skin, giving it shine and freshness. Ideal for dry and mixed skin.

Over time, the skin loses its moisture and elasticity. The cream “Shine with Pure Royal Jelly” moisturizes the skin and prevents loss of natural moisture. Enhances the natural production of collagen and elastin, while maintaining elasticity and firmness in the youthful skin.

High in pure royal jelly, rich in amino acids (components of the natural collagen of the skin), it helps the skin to maintain its youthfulness and luminosity. Royal jelly also has the ability to shield the skin from the harmful effects of sunlight (photo-aging, discoloration).

The contained selected herbal oils, keep the skin well hydrated, and being rich in ω3, ω6, ω9 fatty acids and vitamins, ingredients known for their antioxidant properties, they enhance and maintain the skin’s defense against the formation of free radicals (first signs of skin aging).

The composition of selected essential oils, rich in vitamins and antioxidants, rejuvenates and protects the skin from discoloration and fine lines and helps maintain its youthfulness.

The skin stays hydrated, protected from the causes of the first signs of aging (free radicals, loss of moisture, sunlight) and retains its freshness and radiance.

Eye Serum Puffiness & Dark Circles With Sapphire, Tripeptides, Aloe & Two Type Hyaluronic Acid

Eye Serum – With Sapphire, Tripeptides, Aloe & Two Type Hyaluronic of anaPLASIS Group, is a special product for the fragile skin around the eyes. Its activity is solely due to the combination of herbal extracts and active ingredients.

The tripeptides it contains, promote the natural synthesis of collagen, elastin and other proteins, help neutralize free radicals, detoxify and strengthen the area of ​​the eye contour. Sapphire, creating a valuable shield, maximizes the duration of effect and effectiveness of tripeptides.

The natural extracts of Chamomile, Green Tea, Amamelidos and Oak, with their soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, soothe the look. At the same time they rejuvenate the application area, enhancing the look of the black circles and giving shine to the area around the eyes.

Hyaluronic Acid of two types, Aloe juice, Vitamin E of plant origin and D-Panthenol, complement the effectiveness of Eye Serum by nourishing and hydrating the skin around the eyes.

The Eye Serum – With Sapphire, Tripeptides, Aloe & Hyaluronan Two Types, rich in ingredients selected for their effectiveness but also for their skin-friendliness, will nourish the skin around your eyes, giving your eye radiance and power .


Keep out of the reach and sight of children.

If swallowed, call the Poison Center immediately at 0030210 7793777 for help.

Keep the product in a safe, dry and cool place away from sunlight.

If you experience unpleasant symptoms that persist or allergies, stop the application immediately and inform the company.

A 24 hour limited trial is recommended for allergic reaction check.

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