Again Beautiful ... Again Woman

The "αναPLASIS" was born on 7 January 2013, when it was decided to promote unique and innovative products in Greece. These products are a combination of the nature and the supply of nature, with the traditional recipes of the grandmother, through the most modern methods of production and promotion, exclusively in our country.

We feel very lucky and mainly proud to live in Greece and as residents of this country we have access to so many quality natural products, straight from the Greek land that gives us its raw materials.

Our goal, a healthy and constantly growing company, with a faithful consumer audience, in which we will offer complete and innovative solutions. A company that will pioneer in customer service, trying to understand their concerns by providing them with decent prices at affordable prices.

Our products are made with joy, imagination, a lot of love and especially love for each woman separately, trying to solve the problem that affects her, with a precious ally the inexhaustible nature. None of the products contain chemicals or preservatives and all our materials are of high quality.

Our reward? The smile on the lips of a woman who managed through OUR OWN products to feel beautiful again, and above all, WOMAN AGAIN!

Follow me! Come to guide you to the secret world of feminine beauty. Close to us you will discover the unique stretch marks-fighting oil for definitive resolution and extinction, the double attack against cellulite with oil and soap, the totally firming oil of the body and breasts, the oil for the fat.

For the face choose what suits you, between the natural serum of silk proteins, or the face cell regeneration serum. Fill with a pure royal jelly bleaching mask and eliminate any sign of your skin. Take care of the hydration and tightening of your face with the day cream with pure royal jelly, and the night cream with wax, and tenderly apply the anti-wrinkle eye to the sensitive area under the eyes. Browse our rich collection of herbal and essential oil extracts and rose water and create YOUR absolutely right combination with OUR own help.

Let yourself feel the wonderful feeling that exudes brand-name perfumes, which we import specifically for you, straight from France.

We will be happy to assist you !!!