Cleanse your face as carefully as possible and apply the cream according to the direction of the facial muscles. On the contrary, it causes lesions and injuries to the muscles that support the epidermal tissue. Apply the cream on your face with massage movements. Use your fingertips just like the make-up artists do with fond de teint on the face of models before the defile.


The first lines of expression have already appeared. He applied a little cream with his fingers and placed the palm and middle between the eyebrows and, with very gentle movements, pushed up and out as if you wanted to “wrap” the wrinkles and lines.


Massage with your fingers in circular motions outward from the jaw to the ear lobe. Continue from the edges of the mouth to the ears and after each nostril upwards.

Anti-aging face shock


Starting from the center of the jaw, massage around the mouth, working mainly on the expression lines and wrinkles. Slightly squeeze the signs of tension: at the edges of the mouth, right in the middle of the upper lip and in the hollow that is the center of the paw. This prevents the creation of lines around the mouth.


Starting from the tips of the jaw and, using the thumb and forefinger, slightly pinch the skin. Proceed to the center. Press with your palm the jaw, from left to right, and with the other palm from right to left. This helps stimulate and reduce jaw relaxation.

You can combine all of the following products for best results